The Boomerang Code

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"The Boomerang Code"

Some riddles to resolve?

After 2020 there is those a plenty.

Are you confused by the news?

They say one thing mean another and something else happens, this was the plan not for the good.

Is there hope for the future?

Crack the boomerang code that spins around that boomerang into perpetual motion, returns come back for the good or the bad depending.

They play their game, just apply the code from the higher abode, transcends even the big players, agendas exposed from the murky shadows, justice comes to this town.

The Glory Train rolls over it all.

This book is a collection of articles made up with Riddles, Rhymes and Reasons, with a downunder ozzie variety of colourful slang mixed in with references to some ozzie personalties who have been quite active in bamboozling us and dodging boomerangs from 2020 onwards, beginning with some excerpts from the previous book "Seeing Beyond 2020 Vision"; guaranteed to add to the puzzle and may open up a solution or two.

Find out why, how and when, if you can search it out, in the Boomerang Code riddles are supreme, the cream always rises to the top.

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The Boomerang Code

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