Older Brother the Other

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Religion meets Rebellion and the reaction is a Revolution.

A showdown between the law and the hooded outcast of society.

Nobody wins this war!

He is on the run and does not fit in, but now he is down and out.

Suddenly he comes to his senses and returns.

Will he find acceptance even after what he had done?

How will the other brother who is the captain of legalism react to his return?

“Older Brother the Other” discusses what is happening between the brothers and how the Father intervenes.

Read on to find out how equity and unity with diversity is possible.
With God all things are possible.

Where no one wins, God sent a Saviour to create something new.
How can the supernatural create the one true new normal?


“Older Brother the Other”

Published by Glowing Light LTD in 2021 offers a new cover design and an added chapter with extra commentary to bring us right up to date and seeing into the future.

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Older Brother the Other 2022 Edition in PDF File Ebook

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Older Brother the Other

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